Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and knowing what to do when one occurs can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. There is always a way to reach our team, keep our telephone number handy at all times!

Cleanse the area. DO NOT place aspirin near the tooth. Have your child rinse with warm water or use dental floss to remove any trapped food or debris. Please call our office to schedule a visit so we can examine and determine the best treatment for your child.
Apply a cold compress to the affected area and call our office immediately.
Apply ice to the bruised area. If bleeding, Apply firm, gentle pressure with a clean cloth or gauze. If the bleeding is uncontrollable after approximately 15 minutes, go to your nearest emergency room.
Call our office IMMEDIATELY! Time is a crucial factor in saving a tooth. Hold the tooth by the crown (white portion) not by the root. Do not scrub or handle the root of the tooth. If possible, try to re-insert in the socket and have your child hold it in place with a clean cloth. DO NOT try to place a primary (baby) tooth back in the socket.

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